Assisted Living in Manning, Iowa

Our Assisted-living programs have been recognized by ICAL and NCAL as top award winning premiere facilities in the region. Helping our tenants access VA benefits and Long-Term Care funding programs.

Each and every tenant is treated as family. The program is extremely proud to serve our friends and neighbors. We offers 6 levels of Assisted-living cares, and also integrates Hospice services when appropriate.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is “To provide quality care to our rural members, and assist our residents with funding source integration.” Our mission statement is broadcasted to our stakeholders in many ways. Our literature/handouts promote our mission statement.

Our Approach

Excellence and home-grown love for our Manning Assisted Living family is what makes our facility stand out above our peers. Families entrust their loved ones to a caring program. Consistent regulatory compliance has been Manning’s goal.

Thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough for the last few years of mom being at your home. We were incredibly blessed to have each and every one of you taking care of her. I know she wasn’t always the happiest or the most gracious for all you did for her, but I was! It takes special people to do all that you do and I know it’s not always easy and it’s not acknowledged enough, but I truly appreciate your kindness. Your patience, your smiles, and your compassion. What a wonderful stream of angels you all are. Thank you for being there when we needed you!

Becky Bollmeyer

My parents were tenants and they had an amazing end of their journey there. They were great to my parents, their staff and caregivers are top-notch. They really do care about people and are super helpful and friendly. I went to visit my parents for 2 weeks and AbiliT Senior Living is definitely in a league of their own. They go above and beyond when it comes to their facility, and staff. They were accommodating with the needs my parents had, they were great at communicating with me about changes or emergencies as well. I would strongly recommend others to check out AbiliT Senior Living, they were extremely helpful with all of the questions I had.

Daniel Flemming

I must write this letter to you, and thank you for what you provided for me without you probably ever knowing. Since Mom moved in 2 and half years ago I have also seemed to move in. I spent many days and nights with her. You cannot imagine how much I loved it. To be with mom, assist her, care for her, share with her, how she was… it was incredible. So peaceful and loving. I will never forget all that special time. Thank you and your staff (all of them), also treated with the kindness of family. I guess I wanted you to know this and how it made me so happy, who would ever think this could have been allowed.


There are no words to express the appreciation we have for your loving care for our mother. You treated her as a member of your own family. It was evident the feeling for mother was mutual by the smile on her face. You made the journey of aging a “joy” for mother. She loved her home and made it mission to share her “joy” with others. You knew how much mother loved Ellen and made sure she visited her every day. It was so thoughtful of so many of you to attend her visitation and funeral services to celebrate her life. We so appreciate the plant you sent in her memory. Thank you.

Jo & Phil, Danny & Annette, Kirk & Tami and Families.

Where do I even begin to thank you. I want to thank each and every one for all the love and care you gave mom. You made the last 7 years of her life exactly what she needed (loved, pampered and family). She loved you like her own and that means a lot to us. Mostly for taking and letting her come home. That’s what she wanted! I know I haven’t even began to cover everything but please know we love you all and are so grateful for everything you all did for mom. Thank you for the beautiful plant and all your love for mom!

Faith & Sharon's Family

The family of Marge Stewart would like to Thank the staff for the great care, compassion, love and respect shown to our mother during her stay. We have never seen such generous care from the owners, the staff, the cooks and the hairdresser. You always treated our mother like family. When your loved one needs care, compassion and respect, this is the place you can walk out the door and know your family member is in as good of care as if you were taking care of them. Thank you for letting our mother live with respect and dignity and love until she passed.

The Family of Marge Stewart







203 11th St, Manning, IA 51455

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